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Why Location is important?

According to worldbank report , Mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people) is more than world population. This means people are mobile and most services are sensitive to this mobility.
There are many Geographic Parameters related to moving customers like; location , movement ,speed , accuracy , reliability , facilities and more.



There are lots of software and hardware which do tracking or real time monitoring of objects for security purposes, navigation, fleet management or others.


Some of them focus on the vehicle and others as an App, focus on cellphone. There are other services which even don’t need anything else for example finding a stolen mobile.


CCRAD_GEO is different from these services since it considers the person and his/her car as a collection.


In CCRAD_GEO we have three separate parts:


  • A hardware which should plug in to a car (it takes just a few seconds)

  • An App embedded in the agent’s cellphone

  • Other sensors


The 3th part is optional and the two first parts act as our data resources. By monitoring and analyzing of these two separate parts, we will have access to optional information more than real time locating and tracking. Some of them are:


  • The car make and model,

  • who is driver

  • Driving performance and behavior of the driver

  • Idle and Run time of engine and fuel consumption

  • Where is driver during stops

  • Ambient temperature


The agent can make report anywhere and anytime on the path, including hand writing on the screen, typing text, taking photo or movie. This report can be saved for next editing or send to office immediately.

The other features of the system are:


  • Works with any car make and model

  • Works in any country and GSM/CDMA network provider

  • Can be transferred to another car in a few seconds.

  • Real-time tracking is performed by reading geolocation coordinates from multiple sources.

  • Can collect data from different sensors (e.g. acceleration, CO, CO2, humidity, temperature, vibration, liquid presence, IR, luminosity, etc.)

  • Access to graphical web portal from anywhere to have vehicle fleet tracking, container goods control, and asset management, or other location-based services.


This system is custom designed to applied to the following :







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