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Ninety-five percent of people, 75 and older say they want to stay in their own homes independently.This desire for independence is perfectly natural, but for their children, it's also a recipe for worry that they may fall, forget to take their meds, or just need assistance.


“CCRAD Health Tab” is a smart device which makes your parents' home far safer and more comfortable.

How it works (Hardware):


“CCRAD Health Tab”  consists of 3 major parts:


  • Display : simply is plugged to home TV

  • Sensors: like emergency Big buttons, motion detector, fall sensor, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, Large button board telephone like

  • Communication:  Wireless GSM Network , Fix Home phone (PSTN)



  • Fast dialling : large button board


  • Medical alarm (emergency response system) : It is connected to our central station / friend(s) / neighbors / family / 911.


  • Vocal message : System transmits a vocal message as additional personal information like address, name, age and medical history during triggering.



  • Medication Reminder : Reminds when taking pills and manage pill usage by playing music with a colorful screen on TV. It also can play a video to reminding correct dosage and other instruction related to prescribed medication.


  • Calling : one touch button Video call on TV


  • Incoming call : Displays the picture of incoming caller.


  • Video call : (needs smartphone and installed App)


  • Voice Activated Commands : Dialling phone , turning on/off the lights


  • Remote monitoring : Video or Audio monitoring of environment




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